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Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

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See also Wild Birds, Owls, Hens/Chickens, Swans

Cage and Aviary Birds Title
  • A1 parrot rescue: national: family run advice and rehoming
  • African Grey Parrot Rescue Centre : National Organisation: Reputable family run non profit parrot rescue centre that mainly takes in and rehomes African grey parrots, but not limited to them.
  • African Grey Rescue - Greysworld: Lincoln: African Grey parrot rescue based in Lincolnshire.
  • Amazon Parrot Sanctuary: National collection: Amazon parrot, cockatoo, macaw and African grey parrot rescue. Free collection. Permanent home, no charges. Not for profit private rescue.
  • The Society for Conservation in Aviculture: National organisation: Rescue and re homing for all types of birds exotic and foreign. Also involved in education and conservation projects. Members welcome.
  • Avian and Exotic Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation: Shirebrook,Derbyshire: Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre committed to the health and welfare of all wild, domestic and exotic birds.
  • Birdline UK Parrot Rescue: National Organisation: We rescue any parrot for whatever reason and find them loving new homes. All home checks completed.
  • BIRDLINE-UK PARROT RESCUE (National Organisation) One off the largist bird rescues in the UK with over 300 refuge homes and two sanctuaries
  • Birdman Parrot Rescue: national organisation: We will take in any cage bird. All birds will have a home forever, never sold or breed from. Any bird We also require foster homes and safe houses
  • Cockatoo Sanctuary & Rescue: National Organisation Cockatoo Sanctuary is a registered charity helping birds who are abandoned, disabled, in ill health, feather pluckers & have other anti-social behaviours, some simply unwanted or could not be cared for by their previous owners.
  • The Island Parrot Sanctuary: Scotland: The Island Parrot Sanctuary is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for Parrots.
  • Joans north wales parrot rescue: LLANDUDNO: http:/ We advice on bird behaviour . We take in and rehome when there owners can't look after them anymore.
  • Lost and Found Parrots UK: United Kingdom : Free Service on Help & Advice for Lost and Found Parrots/Birds across the UK
  • National Parrot Sanctuary Trust: The UKs largest parrot rescue registered charity offering long term sanctuary to all parrot related species including budgies, cockatiels african greys cockatoos amazons conures and macaws
  • North Wales Bird Trust: Llandudno. North Wales: Rehabilitation Centre for Birds of Prey & Tropical birds. Registered Charity.
  • North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue:
  • Pampered Parrots  (Yorkshire)  Parrot rscue. This URL takes you into a big site about part of Yorkshire but if you root around for a bit or use the site search facility you will eventually find the parrot pages.
  • International (and UK):
    comments: - Lost and Found Parrot Reporting and Alerting Register
  • Parrots and Pets Advice (PAPA) Christian site dedicated to the care and welfare of parrots, pets, rabbits and animals in general.
  • Parrots in need: derby: A registered charity caring and re-homing for unwanted, sick or mistreated parrots
  • Polly parrot rescue: uk: : Here at polly parrot rescue we take in birds of all kinds regardless of age behaviour etc.we offer temporary care to permanent care we also offer support and advice
  • Potty Parrots Refuge uk: Nottinghamshire\ Derbyshire: We take in any unwanted parrots or parakeets it doesnt matter if they are sick, plucked or problem birds we will take them nurse them back to health and find them new loving homes.
  • Problem Parrots: Midlands: Educational website for problem parrots. holiday homes/wing clipping/training plans and rescue
  • Reg's Bird Aviary in Jersey UK: Rescues small pet birds - see the webcam.
  • Safehaven Parrot Refuge: national organisation: provide permanent homes under our Life Long Care Policy for unwanted pet or aviary parrot-like birds whose owners are no longer able to care for them for whatever reason.
  • Skye Blue Parrot Rescue Wales : South Wales : Rescue Rehabilitate and Re-home Parrots of all varieties from Budgies to Macaws.
  • Soft Landing Animal Aid Association: National outreach, based in East Midlands: Sanctuary, care & rehoming for any animal in need: specialising in parrots & similar, owls, domestic birds. Advice always available especially to help keep animal with its carer. Specialist knowledge of African Greys and also PBFD. Can refer to specialist resources for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, canines, felines. Recognised as a Charity by HMRC.
  • Stoke Parrot and Bird Rescue: National Organisation: Private small wildlife park - taking in unwanted birds, including parrots, owls, and macaws. Guaranteed home for life.
  • Uk Parrot Rescue: National: Although we are no longer taking in birds,we do have many birds that are still in our care which occasionally return for rehoming, please visit our new look site for more details as well as extensive detailed lists of rescue organisations, specialist vets, breeders registers and lost and found links
  • Wings of Love Parrot Rescue : Manchester Birmingham: Re homing unwanted birds
  • 3 Feathers Parrot Rescue Wales: Porth: Parrot rescue, parrot rehoming( large and small ) and aviary birds in South, West and mid Wales. Parrot rescue wales.